How to make a Cannabis Salve

Cannabis infused hand salve created with alcohol

1) 25 grams of cannabis extract (from frosty trim) infused into
500 ml Coconut Oil in a 9in sauce pan around 180℉ fro 20 minutes
2) Bring double boiler pan to around 150℉ and pour in cannabis infused coconut oil
3) Add: 100ml Peanut oil (or similar oil)
4) Add: 50ml Vitamin E oil
5) Add: 50ml Emu oil
(I also added 50ml of high CBD cannabis extract that had been infused into MCT oil at a 10:1 ratio of MCT to extract)
6) Melt down 200ml bee’s wax (in sauce pan) and add to the mix
7) Stir or whip resulting mix and bring to 180℉ for 20 minutes
8) Pour into jars and let cool
9) Rub cooled oil on everything to change your life
10) Change the world

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