THC Infused Local Honey and Elderberry Syrup

Watch Chelsie & Chris attempt to make THC Infused Local Honey and Elderberry Syrup. With flu season coming up and other stuff link the coronavirus making its way around the world, its good to boost your immune system as much as possible. According to many older people, including my Grandmother from Germany, elderberry was known to help with Cold & Flu like symptoms.

“Elderberry is the dark purple berry from the European elder tree. The berries are used to make medicine. Some people take elderberry by mouth for the common cold and flu. Elderberry is thought to boost the immune system and seems to have activity against viruses including the flu.”

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THC Infused Local Honey and Elderberry Syrup

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Recipe by Christopher Miles Course: CannaCook Tv, Honey & OilsDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Total time






  • 10 grams Decarbed Cannabis

  • 4 oz Elderberry Syrup

  • 8 oz Local Honey

  • Crockpot

  • Strainer and Cheesecloth


  • Set your crockpot on low add water to your crockpot.
    Add the decarbed cannabis to a mason jar.
  • Add the 4 ounces of elderberry syrup on top of your cannabis. Add 8 ounces of local honey and mix well. Put a tight lid (or foil) on the mason jar and place inside in the crockpot.
  • Minimum cooked time is six hours.
    The longer you cook the better it is. We cooked for 24 hours. No matter how long you cook, check often and shake or stir.
  • When you’re ready to strain, be sure to use a strainer and cheese cloth.
    After you strain everything store in a mason jar with a tight lid. Do not refrigerate

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