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High Chai is a great way to use your leftover cannabis material after making cannabis infused coconut oil or cannabis infused honey. In just 15 minutes, you’ve got a potent THC drink that is sure to warm your bones on a rainy day. This easy version requires just 15-ish of your favorite chai teabags, decarboxylated cannabis that has been used to infuse coconut oil or honey and some coconut milk + honey. No fuss, just delicious chai with a THC kick! You can make it iced or serve it up hot.

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From the blog post:
When you make a batch of cannabis infused coconut oil or cannabis infused honey, you’ll have a bunch of pot material left over. And no matter how hard you squeezed, your satchel probably contains a lot of leftover infused oil or honey.

So… what do you do with it? I’m pretty sure everyone who’s made cannabis oil/butter/honey is familiar this dilemma. Because of prohibition, cannabis is an extremely valuable material. Understandably, you don’t want to just toss a bag of active and steeped cannabinoids into the trash. You also don’t want to be picking stems out of your teeth because you just decided to toss it in a batch of special brownies.

I generally do one of two things with my cannabis satchel after making infused coconut oil: I either bust it open, mix the contents with some sugar and use it as a pain relieving sugar scrub or I make high chai.

High chai is always surprisingly potent, so I wanted to chill my high chai recipe out a bit and have something on hand that’s suitable for hot summer afternoons. Voila! This easy iced high chai latte adds some coconut milk and ice and honey. It is much more chill than its hot and feisty predecessor.

You can either make your own chai blend or get super lazy with it and use bagged chai tea. I love this one from organic india because it uses holy basil (Tulsi) and it tastes incredible.

A note on freezing: Since this makes so much, I usually freeze it to use later or to give out as gifts. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave enough space in my jars for this batch and they both busted. Make sure to leave extra space (2 inches) in your jars before freezing. I also just freeze the tea and don’t add coconut milk until I’ve thawed it.

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