How to make THC Topicals: homemade cannabis balm in 1 minute

Today we will show you how easy it is to make your own THC or CBD balms, topicals, lotions, and salves in just one minute!
This process is so easy, you will have fun doing it and the products are easy to use.
We have listed a few of our favorite products we use to make topicals and balms from the marijuana plant and its wonderful extracts:

1. Coconut oil melts fast and then hardens again to create the perfect base for your balm or salve, it is also easily absorbed by our body so you get all of the benefits without the oily mess of some other oils.

2. Lavender oil helps to open up the pores and stimulate the skin, you can also use menthol oils but be careful, too much can burn your skin. Lavender is relaxing and soothing which is why we choose this more our homemade topical marijuana products.

3. “Muscle Aches” is one of the best essential oil blends you will find on the market today! It is inexpensive and the combination of rosemary and juniper help to relieve pain, relax sore muscles, and improve circulation.

4. 100% pure organic THC or CBD distillate, it is important to use a distillate, not all forms of cannabis will be absorbed by the skin but distillate will when added to a melted carrier oil. Cannabis-infused creams or oils are great for treating pain in a specific area of the body. Topical cannabis infusions act on a peripheral basis, which means they do not enter the bloodstream. This translates to zero psychoactivity. So you can apply them liberally without the potential side effects of too much THC.

Did you know?
Cannabis is a ancient aphrodisiac, particularly for women. In fact, references of cannabis for sexual pleasure date back over 2200 years ago in India where cannabis was incorporated into tantric sex practices.

Psoriasis Treatment with Marijuana/Cannabis Balm or Cream:

Sufferers of psoriasis know just how irritating the condition can be. Characterized by an excess buildup of skin cells, psoriasis causes itchy, painful patches on the skin.
Psoriasis can be embarrassing and really stop you from enjoying life. For many psoriasis patients, the options are not plentiful. After all, there is currently no known cure for the condition.
Cannabis, however, is proving to be a wonderful new treatment option. A study in 2007 revealed that cannabinoids inhibited the buildup of dead skin cells which is a direct cause of psoriasis.

Anti Aging Skin Creams with THC or CBD you say?
Does this work?

Basically, cannabis applied topically prevents your skin from aging. This can be explained partially by the fact that cannabis happens to be a powerful antioxidant.
Antioxidants are shown to speed up the healing process and prevent tissue damage caused by everyday exposure to the world. One study found that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a more potent antioxidant than Vitamins C or E. So not only does cannabis keep your skin looking more youthful, it also keeps it healthy.

Can marijuana help my arthritis pain?

It’s estimated that 325 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis. While this condition is often associated with the elderly, over 250 thousand children in the United States are also affected.
Symptoms of arthritis include swelling, pain, and inflammation in the joints, hands, and knees. Because arthritic pain is primarily cause by inflammation, cannabis topicals are a potent remedy with their anti-inflammatory properties.

Can cannabis balms or salves heal burns faster?

Burns are one of the most painful types of injury someone can suffer and can take weeks or even months to heal depending on the level of damage.
A lot of the pain associated with burns is due to inflammation around the burn site. Cannabis helps soothe the pain.
A well-made topical can also help the burn heal faster.

Well there you have it folks, cannabis balms and salves are a great asset to have when you need them. You can make these at home for around $50 and they last a long time too, if you have questions or want us to post more recipes please comment below.
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