Medicated Hard Candy (recipe in description)


Made with either cannabutter or tincture. (Video is tincture process) If one does not provide enough relief in 30 minutes, you can easily have another without fear of any ill effects.

‎1/4 cup Cannabutter. OR 1-2 tablespoons of tincture

3/4 Cup sugar.

1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup.

1 Box (3 oz) Jello. any flavor will do.

Also you’ll need either 20 lollipop sticks OR candy molds.I make my own mold by spreading icing sugar on a cookie sheet and putting dents into it for a smaller size. Makes about 100 cough drop sized. You’ll also need a Candy Thermometer.


Butter two candy sheets or your candy molds if using tincture. If using cannabutter or icing sugar molds, this step can be skipped.

In a small heavy sauce pan over low heat, stir butter, sugar and corn syrup until the sugar has fully dissolved. Slowly bring to a boil, stirring frequently.

Put the candy thermometer into the pot (most clamp on the side) and let boil till the heat reaches 275 degrees. Once it reaches 275, pour in the jello and and tincture (if used), stir (rapidly) till the jello/sugar mixture is smooth.

Remove from heat and take caution while pouring, as this melted sugar is HOT HOT HOT and can cause serious injury!

Use a metal spoon to carefully pour the mixture into the molds, slowly yet in a quick manner. It sets up pretty quickly if youre going too slow.

After they have cooled to the touch cover them with powdered sugar (confectioners sugar) so that if they were to start to “sweat”, they won’t stick to one another. DO NOT COOL IN FRIDGE!

The only difference between using cannabutter and tincture is flavor.


Substitute corn syrup with honey for a healthier version. Use lemon jello for very effective cough drops. If using honey.. take caution as it boils over easy and needs to be heated to 295 f on a candy thermometer. Let rest covered in powdered sugar for 3-4 days to set properly.

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