How to make THC Vape Juice from Shatter

This video is a reupload of the very first video I ever made.
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I will show you how to make THC E-Juice for filling THC Vape Carts using just terpenes.
See below for links to the items I used in the tutorial.

The process is simple. First decarb your shatter:
I then applied 10% terpenes to 1 gram of concentrate (0.1ml of terpenes to 1ml of concentrate). The THC content was approximately 75% in the concentrate I used, so a 10% reduction would bring it down to 67.5% THC content. I heated the mixture on a hotplate and used a magnetic stirrer to spin a magnetic stir bar. I then took the THC vape juice into a syringe and put it into the cartridge.

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