Filet Mignon: Recipe: How To Cook The Perfect Infused Steak

Learn How To Cook Filet Mignon Like A Pro!
Learn How Ben Davis From Freddy’s Fuego Throws Down In The Kitchen!
This is Canna Cooking with Canfinder!
Your favorite I-502 Washington State Cannabis Producers/ Processors cheffing up their favorite munchies while given you the SCOOP on what’s up and new products coming to the market.

This is our 3rd Episode of Canna Cooking with Canfinder, but the first with a GUEST APPEARANCE!

The Canna Butter used in this show was sourced from the award winning LA Cookies from Freddy’s Fuego.
The dosage for this batch of canna butter is 40mg of THC.

We sourced our Filet Mignon from Don and Joe’s Meats located in the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA and gathered all the other ingredients from our local Fred Meyer in Renton, WA!

The Filet Mignon recipe was sourced from the NEW From Crook To Cook: Cook Book by Uncle Snoop!

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