Best method for High Potency Edibles Part 2

Make edibles simply! no temperature control required.

I show my preferred method for making medicated olive oil which can be used for baking a huge variety of delicious treats. This video contains images of marijuana and illustrates a method for making a potent psychoactive cooking oil. Please use caution when viewing this video, and if you decide to make something similar, use your own judgement when deciding what is safe for you! This also may not be legal for you to do in your country or place of residence, so please be sure to follow all laws which apply to you!

The oil produced in this video uses olive oil as the solvent to extract the thc, cbd, and many other psychoactive molecules from cannabis bud. Other oils can be used as well such as peanut oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, etc. If the temperature gets too hot during the cooking process, you could burn the oil or the plant material making the entire batch taste terrible. Because of this, I suggest using oils with higher smoke points such as peanut oil.

The temperature used in this video is 122 degrees Celsius (251.6 F) and it is held at this temperature for 45 minutes. You can use a higher temperature and a shorter duration of time, but I wouldn’t suggest anything above 145 deg. C. (293 F). The reason for heating up the buds with the oil is two fold. The first reason is for extraction purposes. Cannabinoids are oil soluble and will transfer from the plant material into the cooking oil. The plant material is filtered off and discarded. The oil, along with the medicinal benefits are what is kept. The second reason for heating the oil with the buds is to perform a process which is called ‘decarboxylation’. Simply, this converts cannabinoids into forms which are psychoactive and readily absorbed when eaten. If decarboxylation does not take place, many of the medicinal effects of the plant will not occur.

An important thing to remember when dealing with edible cannabis products is how our bodies process them. Cannabinoids are dealt with by the liver when eaten, as opposed to being absorbed through the lungs when smoked. This results in a much stronger and longer lasting effect which many marijuana users may not be accustomed to, and may find the potency surprising their first time ingesting one of the many types of edible cannabis infusions. Use caution when dosing, and make safety a high priority. Make sure you have turned off the oven before ingesting your new treats.

The measurements used in this video are as follows:

Olive oil – 200ml ( Almost 1 cup )
Marijuana buds – 8 grams dried
Cooking Temperature – 122 C ( 251.6 F )
Cooking Time – 45 minutes ( enough to party )
Recommended dose – 1 Tbsp ( 15ml )

Things you can do with the resulting medicated oil:
– Bake a cake
– Make cookies
– Bake muffins
– Brownies
– Fudge
– Eat the oil straight up.
– Cook eggs with the oil
– Put the oil on toast
– Add it to soup, gravy, or stew
– Pour over popcorn
– Massage into skin
– Intimate lubricant?

I also briefly explain the purpose of using a PID temperature controller when doing something which requires a constant temperature for a prolonged period of time. If you want to know more about PID controllers and how they work, do a search and yee shall find!

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